January 18, 2018

Celebrating Kwanzaa at Luther College by Sheila Radford-Hill

Luther College is a selective, undergraduate liberal arts institution of about 2500 students located in the small northeast Iowa town of Decorah. It is affiliated with the Lutheran Church (ELCA). Each year their Diversity Center sponsors a Kwanzaa celebration. This blog explains why. Sheila Radford-Hill is the Executive Director of the Diversity Center.Sheila Radford-Hill 2010

A few years ago, a colleague questioned why Luther College celebrated Kwanzaa.  I realize that a college with a population of less than 10% African and African American students may seem like an unlikely venue for this event. In fact, when I arrived at Luther ten years ago, the founders of the Luther campus celebration expressed some surprise that Kwanzaa was still thriving despite a decline in black student enrollment. This blog shares why the campus celebrates Kwanzaa and the people responsible for its success. [Read more...]

9-Negative Behaviors that Teachers must reverse to improve Black and Latino student academic achievement?

First of all let me say that this is not a teacher-bashing blog. I respect teachers and I’m fully aware of the difficult challenges they face on a daily basis. Teachers are not solely responsible for the persistent academic achievement gap that exists between white students and students of color, especially black and Latino students at the elementary and secondary levels. But teachers do have a responsibility in closing the learning gap and can play a leading role in helping students believe in their own potential. It is that responsibility that I want to discuss in this blog. [Read more...]