December 17, 2017

Dr. Taylor Honored with Faculty Award

Flanagan and Taylor (2)

(Dr.  Taylor (r.) with College President Scott Flanagan)

Madison, Wis. (May 12, 2015) – Dr. Charles “Chuck” Taylor was recently honored with the Edgewood College Faculty Award for Excellence in Multicultural Education.

This award recognizes outstanding contributions to students, faculty and to Edgewood College across multiple aspects of multicultural education.

Dr. Taylor’s work in multicultural awareness, inclusion and honoring of diversity in the workplace and the world was noted in the citation.

“Dr. Taylor’s efforts to provide a laboratory for engagement in an intersectional analysis of race, ethnicity, class and gender, represents a distinguished record of excellence in multicultural education at Edgewood College and in the greater Madison community,” said Dr. Dean Pribbenow, Vice President for Academic Affairs.

“He has developed innovative, academically rigorous coursework in critical studies of race, ethnicity and multiculturalism in the United States, which is now a required element in our doctoral program in Educational Leadership, while using culturally responsive pedagogies in all of the courses he teaches,” Pribbenow said.

The plaque they gave me read: “For your invaluable contributions and commitment to multicultural education and scholarship, as well as your energetic and imaginative diversity initiatives both in and outside the classroom. Edgewood College honors you for the profound impact your teaching has had on your students.

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commencement-my three grad students

Dr. Taylor with doctoral graduates Dr. “Tay” Allen, Dr. Douglas Jensen, and Dr. Ramon Figueroa

Indeed I was humbled by this award but an equally fulfilling honor came when I was able to walk across the stage with three of my students who earned their doctorate degrees this year. I am so proud of each of these students and I know each will continue to make great contributions to our society. That’s what we as educators hope for and expect of our graduates. I want my students to use education to challenge social inequities. We need researchers who will arm themselves with liberating knowledge to help us reclaim our true history and accurately tell our stories. I want all of my students to leave my classroom more empathetic, engaged and willing to stand up for social justice.




Commencement with chuck hooding Taysheedra

Dr. Taylor “hooding” Dr. Taysheedra Allen and welcoming her to the ranks of the doctorate.

Taysheedra wrote her dissertation on: Nursing students’ perceptions of two program outcomes modeled by nursing faculty at a mid-west technical college. Her goal is to set up a health clinic for women. I have no doubt in my mind that she will achieve her goal. I’m thrilled to have contributed to the educational part of her journey.


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