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Mentoring changes lives through a shared opportunity for learning and growth. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone who could help you through the maze of higher education; someone who could save you time and reduce your frustration; someone you could kick your ideas around with that will give you honest and reliable feedback?

You’re not alone and you don’t have to travel this journey by yourself. But you do have to make a decision. Are you willing to invest in your future? Ask yourself- do you want to try to figure it out all by yourself; is trial and error sufficient to help you reach your long term goals, or are you willing to make a proactive choice and sign up for professional mentoring?

I’d like to be that person who helps make a difference in your life and to help you reach your goals. My widespread areas of expertise lie in education, business, publishing, and diversity. If you think I can be of assistance in any of those areas send me an email and let’s start the conversation. If it’s not a good fit, I’ll be honest right up front and will be happy to refer you elsewhere.  Above all else, I want you to succeed!

Type of mentoring I conduct Just a few examples of mentoring services I offer
 Leadership   Development  Leadership training-discuss how and when to take action; Help   with planning innovative programs; Strategic Planning;  Supervising;   Professional development programs.       Remember that leadership is “inspired   action,” not position.
 Skill  Development  Advice on research skills; Assessment 101 skills; Multicultural    curriculum development skills; Fundraising skills; Cultural competency skills  & Marketing skills.
 Career Development  Career path advice on administrative positions like director,   dean; Advice on advancing on the faculty track & becoming a better   teacher; Script writing; Advice on independent consulting; and independent   publishing.
 Something else  Where do you want to be in 2 years? 5 years? Let’s discuss!

These are the Mentor qualities that I bring to the table:

  • A sincere desire to help you reach your goals.
  • Respect for my Mentees.
  • Active listening.
  • Accessibility.
  • Empathy.
  • Guidance that will help you find solutions and opportunities.

Your confidentiality will always be protected!


My Mentoring services are for one semester or about 4-months. This can be extended as needed.


  • Initial Skype or Go to Meeting call to discuss your interests and goals. We’ll determine where we need to focus: leadership development, skill development, career development, or something else altogether.
  • We’ll develop a personally customized Professional Development Plan for reaching your goals. We’ll define your goals and objectives clearly to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • We’ll schedule weekly phone calls and use email to discuss progress, strategies and implementation of your plan.
  • We’ll evaluate the progress you’re making monthly and make any necessary adjustments.
  • We’ll celebrate your success at the end of your Mentoring program.

So if you’re serious about taking the next step, and willing to commit to our mentoring partnership, I’ll be right by your side to help you stay motivated and focused. Let’s get started!

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Remember what Buckminster Fuller said, “It’s really a different kind of life the minute you begin to do, what you really want to do!”


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